Khairul Hafiz Jantan’s coach Mohd Poad Md Kassim is confident the sprinter will return to form and shine once again. Pic by YAZIT RAZALI

KUALA LUMPUR: There is seemingly nothing to worry about national sprinter Khairul Hafiz Jantan’s disappointing performance at the Malaysia Open Athletics Championships last week.

This were the words of Khairul’s coach, Mohd Poad Md Kassim who is confident that his young sprinter will return to form and shine once again in the blue ribbon event.

According to Poad, Khairul, who is more popularly known as ‘The Speedy Jantan’, still has three months left to improve on his performance in time for the Asia Games in Indonesia which will take place from August 18 to September 2.

“There is nothing to worry about as he still has time. Khairul told me that his focus was interrupted because the event was postponed for far too long and he claims that the Sri Lankan sprinter made a false start by getting off the blocks earlier.

“However, I think that perhaps Khairul has some personal issues that he needs to address and work on so that he can be free to fully focus on improving his performance.

“I hope that what has happened will serve as a lesson and be motivation for him to strive towards doing much better after this,” said Poad.

During the Malaysia Open, Khairul finished the 100m event a disappointing fifth, as Sri Lanka’s Vinoj Suranjaya De Silva won the race with a time of 10.27s.

The national record holder crossed the finish line in a time of 10.64s – his worst timing to date since being labelled as Southeast Asia’s fastest man.

In the 200m event, Khairul lost as well, for the first time to fellow national sprinter Jonathan Nyepa, as he finished third to take the bronze as consolation.

According to Poad, he is hoping that the runners he is coaching will be given the opportunity to train overseas, and he sees Germany as the location of choice for such a training stint.

In related developments, Poad also expressed satisfaction with the improved performances of some of the other young runners under his wing.

Among those who showed improved performances were Abdul Wafiy Roslan, Zulfiqar Ismail, and Haiqal Hanafi who each managed to record personal best timings in the 200m and 400m events.

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