PFAM chief executive Izham Ismail (right) with president Hairuddin Omar

THE Professional Footballers Association of Malaysia (PFAM) have confirmed that a total of 22 Kuantan FA players filed complaints against the Premier League club over unpaid salaries.

PFAM received most of the complaints after Wednesday’s report in Timesport which revealed that Kuantan FA owed their players up to 11 months in wages.

“A total of 22 players have filed complaints with us. The salaries owed to the players differ in accordance to the length of their contracts of between six and 24 months,” PFAM chief executive officer Izham Ismail told Timesport yesterday.

“We sent a letter to Kuantan FA today for a response over the complaints. We are preparing the affidavits and we will submit them to the FA of Malaysia (FAM) status committee.

A source revealed that the players have not been paid salaries for between four and 11 months.

The club owners are considering the option of selling their assets to settle all the debts. They are expected to withdraw from next season’s Premier League.

The management and players of Kuantan FA had an emergency meeting in Kuantan on Thursday over the issue.

Despite uncertainties over their salaries, the players agreed to complete the season.

On Wednesday, Timesport revealed that some players have no choice but to do part-time jobs due to financial hardship.

It is learnt that one player has become a delivery boy while another is working as a postman. One player has given up on playing in the M-League and opened a car wash.

PFAM are also aware of the letter written by Kuantan players that is now being circulated on social media over the issue.

“We told them that it was better to take up the issue with PFAM as things will be handled more professionally.

“We will file the affidavits on behalf of the players with FAM’s status committee very soon,” said Izham.

At a beach soccer press conference yesterday, FAM general-secretary Datuk Hamidin Mohd Amin told reporters that they have received affidavits from six players and revealed that they have not been paid for six months.

Izham clarified that Hamidin was only touching on the cases that have been brought forward to FAM.

“We will file the remaining affidavits as soon as possible for FAM to look into the matter,” Izham added.

Football Malaysia LLP (FMLLP), who manage the M-League, will only take action against Kuantan FA after a judgment is made by FAM’s status committee.

“We can only take action once a verdict has been passed by FAM. Kuantan FA need to comply or we will punish them.

“There are also talks that the club want to withdraw from the league. We have not received any request yet. If they decide to do so, then we will find a solution to make up the 12th team in the Premier League,” said FMLLP chief executive officer Kevin Ramalingam.

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