Adam Nor Azlin

KUALA LUMPUR: “If I get my parents’ blessings, I will seriously consider offers from overseas clubs.”

This was stated by national Under-22 football squad defender Adam Nor Azlin, who is ready to consider offers to play overseas.

Adam, who played a major role in helping Malaysia win the silver medal at the Kuala Lumpur Sea Games football competition last month, is said to be among a handful of Malaysian players pursued by top clubs from Thailand’s League 1 (T1) to fill the quota for import players from the Asean region.

“If it’s true that there are offers from foreign clubs, the first thing to do will be to get my parents to agree to it first.

“In whatever I do, I always refer to my immediate family as for me, their (parents’) approval is very important if I am to go or move anywhere. If not, then I may have to forget about it and focus on my immediate footballing commitments now,” he told Arena Metro.

According to media reports, at least six Under-22 squad players are being monitored by top Thai clubs after their excellent performances at the Sea Games recently.

Apart from Adam who plays for Selangor, the other players who have garnered interest are N. Thanabalan (Felcra FC), Mohd Syamer Kutty Abba (Penang), Muhamad Nor Azam Abdul Azih (Pahang), Muhammad Adib Zainuddin (Felcra FC), and Muhd Jafri Firdaus Chew (Penang).

“I have not received any offers so far, but I heard there are some top Thai clubs looking to engage a few of us from the media. If it is indeed true then the interested parties should get in touch with my current employers Selangor.

“I am not putting any hopes on getting signed by a foreign team but if there is a chance then I want to play for a top team on a regular basis so that I can mature further as a player,” he said.

Translated from Harian Metro

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