(File pix) The secret garden is well connected right from the entrance to the residences. Pix from Mah Sing website

ARUNA means ‘reddish brown’ in Sanskrit and refers to the red rising sun, representing growth and prosperity.

Mah Sing Group Bhd is launching a RM520 million township called M Aruna this weekend in Rawang, a town envisioned to be the new hotspot and growth area in the coming years.

The township is based on the concept of a “secret garden”.

Mah Sing chief executive officer Datuk Ho Hon Sang said M Aruna will be fully developed in three phases. The first launch this weekend is called Aster.

Aster comprises 117 units of two-storey link houses with a built-up area of 1,666 sq ft.

The units are selling from RM506,000. Ho said Mah Sing is targeting first-time house buyers and young families.

He said M Aruna will benefit from the added access to the Latar Expressway and the extension from Jalan Tasik Puteri.

He said enhanced accessibility is one of the reasons why Rawang is gaining traction among people working in Kuala Lumpur.

“We strongly believe that building a property is not sufficient. We should always enhance the lives of our house buyers by going the extra mile to provide services and features. This is why we are constantly seeking for ways to value addour products by providing green features and ample space for healthy and active lifestyles.”

Mah Sing is also offering a furnishing assist plan for Aster’s early bird buyers.

They only need to pay RM15,000 for RM60,000 worth of furnishings which include built-in wardrobes for three bedrooms, kitchen cabinet, lightings, air-conditioners in living room and master bedroom, instant water heater and smart home system, etc.

Ho said with nearby amenities nearby, M Aruna is potentially another quick turnaround project for the group, replicating the success of M Residence and M Residence 2.


M Aruna will provide a green sanctuary to promote sustainability, which is in line with the group’s goal to reinvent space and enhance life.

Mah Sing’s focus is to enhance the lives of buyers by providing premium facilities and creating a relaxing living environment.

One of the main attractions of M Aruna is a “secret garden” with unique landscape that is well-connected from the entrance, said Ho.

The “secret garden” will have a tree house themed playground with child-friendly facilities, a children’s bicycle park with challenging features, relaxing hammock and a half basketball court.

“We invested heavily in these lifestyle features and landscape because buyers appreciate these initiatives as they represent value for money,” he said.

Mah Sing will also adopt the industrialised building system (IBS) using pre-cast technology for M Aruna, as part of the group’s efforts to strive for innovation and enhancement.

“The IBS is environmentally-friendly where it reduces the use of timber. It also reduces construction time and provides for a cleaner site.

“The IBS produces superior quality finish. The quality of IBS components is better as they are pre-cast and pre-fabricated in a controlled environment.”

Ho said IBS also allows reduction in columns to maximise floor space without compromising structural strength or stability.

Ho said M Aruna has also adopted a strict linear layout to ensure the best sun protection.

The houses are arranged in neat linear rows orientating strictly in a north-south direction.

This neat and formal arrangement gives the best alignment in avoiding excessive heat gain in a tropical climate.

“Houses aligned in this manner are cooler, require less air-conditioning and contribute to energy saving in a long run,” he added.

Members of the public are invited for Aster’s launch from 11 am to 7pm on Saturday and Sunday, at the M Aruna sales gallery in Rawang.

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