LIVING rooms are fun and, in some ways, easy to decorate.

The challenge lies in creating space if the furniture are too big or they don’t match the rest of the items in your living room.

Another concern is whether you have placed the furniture in the right way or, more specifically, in accordance with Feng Shui expectations.

Our home should provide serenity and comfort as a retreat from the distractions of the outside world. So, when redecorating or redoing your living room, make it practical and beautiful while ensuring that it is clean, tidy and fresh and has a positive flow of energy.

Below are some tips for living rooms.


Ensure the furniture for the living room is in proportion to the space. A too big sofa will not suitable for a small space. You will hardly have room to walk and could knock into things, thus injuring yourself. A small sofa for a big living space should also be avoided as the room will look way too empty. You may end up buying unnecessary items just to fill up the space.


Position the main sofa against a wall to provide the occupants with support.


To activate wealth energy, place a lamp in the corner of the room (diagonally opposite the room door). This should be in addition to the ceiling light.


Repaint the walls in the living room if the paint colour has faded; it is also to match your furniture.

This may likely change the mood and raise energy level.

Position the main sofa against a wall to provide the


It is always difficult to discard old items, especially if they have sentimental value. In Feng Shui, one of the most important corrections to adjust the energy in a space is to remove clutter and negative energy. This allows positive qi to circulate fully throughout the living room.

By removing overwhelming stimuli (clutter), a more peaceful environment is created. Start by discarding old and broken items. Clutter creates a detrimental effect on the energy of the room and the people who inhabit the space. If you have stuff of sentimental value, place them in a decorative cupboard.


Apply decorative lettering to the wall or a piece of art or sign that states the intention of what you wish to create and manifest in the home.

Alternatively, you can create a custom phrase of your own and hang it up on the wall. With an uplifting phrase as a visual accent, it will be even easier to remember the new intentions that you are creating for your family and the sacred space you call home.

Add fresh flowers for positive energy.


Fresh flowers bring in positive energy. You can select any types that you like to put on the coffee table or side tables.

Himalayan Salt Lamp exudes negative ions.


Add a Himalayan Salt Lamp to your home. The lamp exudes negative ions that generate positive energy and make you feel more relaxed and happy.

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