Green walls still have unlucky connotations because of the arsenic that was used in the 1700s to colour wallpaper and paint.
It is bad luck to keep a dead plant inside the house.
If you eat from a chipped plate or broken cup you are welcoming failure and financial problems.

PEOPLE can be highly superstitious when it comes to their house, in order to avoid crossing a bad path. Among the most common are opening an umbrella indoor and walking under the ladder.

Kicking your shoes off and leaving them lying around, as well as eating and drinking from a chipped plate or glass is also considered bad luck.

In fact, no matter what you do or avoid, bad luck just seems to follow you around.

Daily Mail reported last year that green walls, cactus, black doors and rocking chairs could be signs that your house is cursed.

According to the article which quoted House Beautiful, there is plenty of innocent-looking items that can create bad karma — but that’s only if you’re superstitious.


Despite green being associated with the colour of nature, the hue still has some unlucky connotations thanks to one inventor.

In the United Kingdom and the United States, it is considered to be unlucky to have any walls painted green because Carl Wilhelm Scheele used the chemical arsenic to obtain the hue in the 1700s.

It was used in wallpapers, paints, wax candles and on some children’s toys before the toxicity of the compound was discovered to be extremely dangerous.


If you are a practitioner of Feng Shui, broken clocks are an extremely bad sign in a household.

They create a sense of clutter and if there isn’t a need for the clock to be repaired then it should be cleared away.

A broken clock that suddenly chimes can be an indication something grim is on its way.


Black doors are a sign of bad luck in the practice of Feng Shui but are considered OK if they are facing north.

A black door could mean bad luck if it is facing any other way but north, according to Feng Shui experts.


The Irish believes an empty rocking chair will invite evil spirits into the home.

The Irish are firm believers that an empty rocking chair is apparently an invite for an evil spirit to enter your home.

Even though it may just finish off a room as a decorative piece of furniture, when it is rocked or rocked by itself it is thought to mean a bad omen will soon arrive.


Spiky plants like cactus could bring bad energy in the home; this doesn’t apply to roses.

A thorny plant like a cactus is thought to bring bad luck, but a rose is still as sweet.

It also can bring bad energy within your home so consider swapping it for something a little more appealing to the eye — but make sure the plant doesn’t die.

When you forget to water a plant and it dies of thirst it is considered bad luck keeping it inside your house.


It’s thought to be unlucky to hang a calendar up before that year begins and it’s also bad news to keep an old one hanging around.

Even leaving a calendar open on the wrong date apparently signifies the passing of time and if it’s used wrongly then it may end up being a negative addition in your house.


According to an old wives’ tale, a broken mirror will bring you seven years’ worth of bad luck.

The old wives’ tale about a broken mirror bringing you seven years worth of bad luck is well-known, but according to some ancient cultures, if a person died, mirrors should be covered to prevent their souls from being trapped inside.

If you still want to hang a mirror, which, of course, is a necessity, just make sure you don’t hang it facing your bed — it is thought to bring bad relationship problems in a healthy marriage.


In Feng Shui, crockery symbolises wealth and if you eat from a chipped plate or broken cup you are welcoming failure and financial problems.

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