Poll surveys by opposition-affiliated think tanks should betaken with a pinch of salt. It is difficult to believe that think tanks linked to the opposition are impartial. Then there is the issue of reliability. -- S.F.

THERE are high hopes in the opposition that it will win the 14th General Election tomorrow. The presence of large crowds at its ceramah, especially those attended by former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, is seen as a strong indicator.

Poll surveys by think tanks, such as Invoke and Institute Darul Ehsan, that predict the opposition gaining a significant number of seats, have heightened this taste for victory.

Perhaps opposition leaders have even prepared a victory speech for their journey to Putrajaya.

But that would be rather presumptuous because by all indications, Barisan Nasional remains the people’s choice.

Political observers and analysts have said that the size of crowds at rallies does not necessarily translate into votes.

Rather, attendees are curious to hear what politicians have to say, but may not be swayed to vote for them.

Thus for the opposition to suggest that large crowds equal huge support and votes is misleading.

Moreover, poll surveys by opposition-affiliated think tanks should be taken with a pinch of salt. It is difficult to believe that think tanks linked to the opposition are impartial. Then there is the issue of reliability.

Polls taken in the 2016 United States presidential election proved that surveys are less trustworthy.

Malaysia could suffer from a similar situation.

Given all that is being said by the opposition, it would seem that BN does not stand a chance of winning.

This is disinformation to confuse Malaysians.

BN is slated to win because the people believe in the work that it has done for the country and will continue to do so when returned to power.

Most importantly, the party has continued to provide political stability, economic prosperity and security to Malaysians, which are something that should not be taken for granted.

Despite the noise created by the opposition, BN is focused on what matters most: the people.

It introduced the 2050 National Transformation programme for Malaysians to look towards a brighter and more engaging future.

Attention remains on the bottom 40 per cent group to make sure this group is not left behind in Malaysia’s development.

To this end, BN provides affordable housing and 1Malaysia People’s Aid to offset the rising cost of living.

These are some of BN’s achievements, and it is because of this that the people will give the coalition another term.

When the election results announce BN as the winner, one can expect the opposition to cry foul.

The opposition will insist that BN won by deceit. It will likely allege election fraud.

This has been the norm in past general elections, and will be so this election.

Instead of conceding defeat graciously, the opposition will hurl accusations to incite the people.


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