Under the premiership of Datuk Seri Najib Razak, the Indian dilemma is being addressed seriously and systematically. File pic by YAZIT RAZALI

Being the veteran member of MIC Seri Serdang and Information Bureau Chief, I have been meticulously monitoring the current political developments. The current political landscape is full of challenges.

There has been intense campaigns to capture the Indian votes. In other words, this is another opportunity to see how this minority community will vote. The GE 14 is a serious business of electing the government.

The Indian community and Indian voters cannot afford to make a political blunder. Under the premiership of Datuk Seri Najib Razak, the Indian dilemma is being addressed seriously and systematically.

Being a leader, he is transforming the socio-economic standing of the community. The delivery mechanism is being improved. Najib as Barisan Nasional chairman is currently on a whirlwind tour to boost the morale of BN and MIC candidates.

The truth has to be told in order to kill the lies. The Indian voters should give the mandate to the prime minister and his BN government to enable him to carry out his incomplete mission, taking the community to greater heights.

The Indian leadership in BN coalition has been institutionalised via MIC whereas in Pakatan coalition such Indian political identity is miserably missing. MIC is the exclusive Indian party in the BN coalition.

MIC and BN winning in the polls will increase the community’s bargaining power and also Indian representation in the Dewan Rakyat. Anything less than that may land the community in political doldrums and political isolation.

The Najib’s priority is to build up political consensus. He has inherited his late father Tun Abdul Razak’s legacy. A nation cannot be built on seditious statements and personal attacks alone.

BN is fielding 327 new faces and it is empowering women by fielding 85 female candidates. Indian votes are significant. They could swing the results if there is a split among Malay and Chinese voters. This is an electorate reality.

According to one political analyst, there are 32 parliamentary seats where Indian voters number between 10,000 and 19,000. Seven more parliamentary constituency with 20,000 or more Indian voters.

Battle for hearts and mind of Indian voters is going on. The voters should choose stability, choose success and prosperity as this is a clarion call by the BN chairman himself.

Najib is a good and articulate administrator with the skills to take the country forward by facing the global challenges.

GST is not just a Malaysian thing but a global trend; the consumption tax has been implemented in 164 countries. What’s more, 600 products including essentials have been exempted from GST in Malaysia.

Many things have been said about poverty in Malaysia, the truth is now less than 1 per cent Malaysian households live in extreme poverty. World Bank has cited Malaysia as a success story in terms of harnessing natural resources for development.

Let the Indian electorate come in full force to boost the BN in the polls. Let us endorse the good samaritan!

Perumal. G

Sri Serdang MIC

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