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THANK you for the exclusive expose (“Deathtrap Neighbourhoods” NSU, Oct 1) on the ignorant attitude of residents’ associations (RAs).

Their unneighbourly acts of setting up boom gates and closing off access roads to the public pose a risk to all.

The RAs must be held accountable if these structures were to jeopardise residents’ safety. It boggles my mind that the RAs would do such things when the authorities say they are illegal.

In the last two decades, almost every aspect of law and order has been compromised.

It is a crying shame.

It is a direct reflection of ignorance and declining standards in our society.

As a society, we have indeed gone backwards.

Only the insensitive and those who couldn’t care less would accept and live under such conditions.

Kudos to the Fire and Rescue Department for its stand.

Don’t wait for another Grenfell tragedy to occur.

As an immediate action, remove all unapproved boom gates, and dismantle gated and guarded premises that impede public access.

We must stop parking indiscriminately, too.

Anyone who commit such offences must face the music.

S.L.C, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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