Malaysians must raise the Jalur Gemilang to show their love for the country. PIC BY HAZREEN MOHAMAD

AUGUST marks the month of Merdeka and this year, it is even more significant and special as we will be celebrating‎ the 60th anniversary of our country’s independence.

It is also the month when we encourage Malaysians to raise the flag to show love for our beloved country, no matter where we are.

But, at my place of residence, it saddens me to see a torn and tattered Jalur Gemilang.

This is also seen at other housing areas.

Such a dismal state of affairs is indicative of the lack of attention and responsibility on the importance of the national flag.

In the first place, those responsible should not have left the flag to rot given the tropical weather condition. Replacing or recycling it will be a better way to show our national pride as it is an emblem of national sovereignty.

I find it shocking that after close to 60 years of Merdeka, we have yet to realise the significance of the Jalur Gemilang, which some people choose to just ignore.

To refresh our minds, the national flag originated from the Malayan flag designed by then 29-year-old Public Works Department architect Mohamed Hamzah, who won the design for the flag contest in 1947.

Our flag was named Jalur Gemilang (Stripes of Glory) in 1997 to represent Malaysia’s drive for progress and success.

Apart from encouraging Ma-laysians to “raise the flag” every time Merdeka comes, ‎perhaps we need to create more awareness about the need to protect and love our national treasures.

Azhari Mahmood, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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