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THE lack of enforcement is the reason why motorists and motorcyclists are perennial lawbreakers.

Just the other day, when I was waiting at the traffic light junction in Jalan Zaaba and Jalan Dato Muda Linggi in front of the Seremban Fire Station for the lights to change from red to green, a motorist coming from Jalan Rahang into Jalan Dato Muda Linggi committed a traffic offence.

The motorist turned right at the traffic light junction into Jalan Zaaba, which is forbidden.

As he was making that illegal turn, an oncoming motorist honked at him to show his annoyance.

All this happened in front of a police car, which was also waiting at the junction for the lights to turn green.

I thought the motorist who had just committed the traffic
offence would get his just desserts.

However, the policemen did not chase after the motorist.

I am certain that many have come across motorists and motorcyclists who disregard traffic lights rules.

At most traffic lights junctions, one is sure to find either a motorist or a motorcyclist running a red light.

And these people know they will never get caught.

I am sure there are others who drive cars and ride motorcycles on the road without a valid licence.

I find these people irresponsible because they will cause accidents due to their incompetence in handling their vehicles.

I have come across motorists and motorcyclists making U-turns whenever they see a road block ahead.

By going against traffic to
avoid being caught, they will cause a collision with oncoming vehicles.

The only time when it’s game over for them is when they are involved in a road accidents and are injured.

In such circumstances, they have to lodge a police report about the accident if they want to file a claim for compensation against the other party.

Sounds a bit unfair, but that is how it is with many of the accident claims we see in courts.

The injured person should not have been on the road in the first place.

He gets injured in a road accident and then takes legal action against the other person for compensation when the unlicensed perpetrator could be the cause of the accident.

Adjusters representing insurance companies should investigate these accident cases and protect their clients’ interests
by looking into the issue of contributory negligence by those without valid driving licences.

They should be prevented from expecting a huge payout from insurance companies due to the severity of their injuries when it was through their own folly and negligence that led them to such a situation.


Seremban, Negri Sembilan

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