T. Nhaveen.

AS a concerned reader, I am as heartbroken as other Malaysians about the tragic death of T. Nhaveen.

However, I would like to point out a misconception about a person who is brain dead. You can’t be clinging on to life (as was reported in most newspapers) when doctors have declared the victim brain dead. This is not accurate.

The whole concept of brain death is that even though the heart is beating, a person is dead when the brain stem is dead.

Brain death is irreversible as death is irreversible. It means the heart will stop in a matter of time. It is that final. A brain dead patient cannot be revived.

Brain death is not coma. It is not a vegetative state.

If you understand the science you can tell the difference.

Lim Kean Ghee, Associate Professor in Surgery, International Medical University, Clinical Campus, Jalan Rasah, Seremban

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