THE current phenomena of violence in schools and institutions of higher learning should be kept in check.

That the violent conduct of teenagers towards their peers should end up in grave injuries and even death of the victims is indeed a serious matter to be considered. An immediate solution is warranted.

On Thursday, Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye urged the public to come together to curb the culture of violence in schools.

I couldn’t agree more.

Schools and institutions of higher learning are where we nurture and develop future generations of Malaysians.

If bullying and violent conduct has become the norm among our youth, the future is bleak.

A concerted effort is needed on the part of all stakeholders to address the problem and promptly too.

The youth are our assets. Nurturing them now is better than taking punitive action in the future when the violence has already occurred.

They should be taught to respect one another and live peacefully as one big happy family.

Violence is not a solution to conflict. Life is too short to engage in such combative behaviour. Let us live and let live.

Alimin Ismadi Ismail, Seberang Perai, Penang

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