(File pix) Women have contributed to the nation’s progress.

Academic excellence, awe-inspiring decision-making, a strong determination and zest are admirable qualities in some of the women I have met. Their life tales have been a motivation for others.

Breaking stereotypes and creating history, some women have reached the peak of their careers. World Women’s Day was celebrated early this month, but it is not too late for me to pen something about women.

Many women realise that it is imperative to be more creative. My friend asked me how a woman can feed her child if she is short of money.

She said that women should use their creativity to earn a living.

When a dire need arises, we should stop complaining and solve the issue.

Women have bigger roles to play when it comes to life-changing matters and embracing storms in their lives.

Some women are gullible and depend on their husbands to run errands for them. They are timid and are confined to the kitchen.

Being timid may come at a cost. We lose out in everything if we never speak up for ourselves. We should know our rights and exercise them.

Women should wake up from their slumber and understand the essence of empowerment.

On the other hand, women and men are breadwinners these days. They share the responsibilities that come with the household.

Some women have contributed to the nation’s progress.

Women’s stereotypical role is diminishing.

Be independent and courageous, women.

Sumati Muniandy, Seremban, Negri Sembilan

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