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This week, I met two types of employees.

The first was when I called a leading luxury spa to book a treatment for myself and my wife. I wanted to know if the spa had availability for a treatment package for us later on that same day.

This was the basic premise of the call.

When I telephoned the listed number, I was greeted by a barely audible voice on the other side.

The person I was trying to communicate with was clearly local, yet they found it hard to understand me. I made sure I spoke clearly, and wasn’t being particularly complex in my request.

The representative of that business had no clear idea what treatment packages their spa offered, they were unable to explain the costs, and after ten exhausting minutes of what I thought was a relatively easy enquiry, I wasn’t able to ascertain for sure if they had availability

Eventually my patience wore thin, so I thanked them and hung up. I am quite certain that we will not be going there any time soon.

A few days later, I went to my local mall, Tropicana City to do some grocery shopping at the Oliver Gourmet food hall. Aside from the usual food items, I was particularly looking for a range of white fish like halibut, wild flounder and sea bass for some of the weekly meals that I cook for my family.

I had never really bought seafood at that grocer but since I was at the mall, I decided to give it a go.

At the fish section, I was greeted energetically by the fishmonger, Saiful. He listened to my request and then explained to me that they had fresh sea bass, but not the other types of fish I wanted.

He then proceeded to recommend other fish like black pomfret, Indian mackerel, and salmon, to me.

I thanked him for his recommendations, but told him that I only wanted four slices of the fresh sea bass that he had available. He immediately got to work. He scaled, and expertly sliced the fish, and packed it the way I asked him to.

Then, he did something that was quite out of the ordinary, at a retail market.

He asked if I was interested in leaving my mobile number with him, so that he could message me when he received the next delivery of the fish that I asked for. He explained that he could call his supplier, and ask them to send halibut and wild flounder.

I was totally impressed by his outstanding service that I happily gave him my number.

Now, here’s the interesting thing. The very next morning at around 11am, he sent me a message with photos of his latest delivery of fresh fish, and he had brought in whatever I wanted.

Of course, you now know where I will always buy my fresh seafood.

What type of employee do you want working for you? The first person I described above, who was disengaged, and unable to give appropriate information about your business, or someone like the resourceful fishmonger at this retail grocer?

I know who I want working with, and for me.

In my experience, employee engagement is the magic ingredient that makes all the difference in any company. It is the discretionary effort or willingness of an employee to connect, and contribute effectively, towards the success of your organization.

As leaders, you definitely want an involved workforce, because they will always demonstrate high levels of engagement, and are enthusiastic in taking on new challenges. Such team members will also be keen to create positive changes. And, this in turn, will ensure that you preside over an extremely conducive work environment for everyone.

My clients who have managed to get high employee engagement show enhanced profitability, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

How do you develop an engaged team at your workplaces?

The most important step is for you to create a culture of mutual trust, because your success is predicated on this foundation.

Hire suitable people, train them properly, and get them to understand your expectations.

Then leave them alone!

Stop micro-managing your team, and allow your team members to do their tasks without hovering over them, and constantly berating them.

The only thing you need to do is to monitor, offer assistance, and re-train, when necessary.

Of course, you must reward or reprimand accordingly. This is your prerogative. But, do it thoughtfully.

You will find engagement levels rise rapidly in your organization, and your team will learn to welcome each other’s views, and come up with a variety of strategies to get results.

Trust is the basis of all relationships and interactions, within your business, and with your clients.

When you foster a strong sense of trust within your team, you will see increased productivity, improved morale, better team work, and phenomenal engagement levels.

So, help your organisation or business develop engaged employees, like fishmonger Saiful, because when you do this, your bottom line profits will soar.

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