Syzlin, 43, was buried at the Kebun Teh Muslim Cemetery. Pic by NSTP/ Hairul Anuar Rahim

JOHOR BARU: Syzlin Hattaman, the convicted Malaysian drug mule who died in a Peruvian prison earlier this week, was laid at her hometown in Johor Bahru tonight.

Syzlin, 43, was buried at the Kebun Teh Muslim Cemetery.

Syzlin's remains left the Kuala Lumpur International Airport about 5pm, two hours after arrival from Lima.

Her remains arrived at the Tun Hussein Onn Mosque in Jalan Langkasuka, in Larkin around 8pm, accompanied by Johor Baru Parliamentary Welfare chairman Faridah Mustafa.

Syzlin, who had been serving time at a Peruvian correctional facility, was granted 'Semi Libertad' status on July 25, 2014 by the Peruvian courts, which allowed an offender to serve the sentence outside a prison as decided by the authorities.

It is understood that Syzlin was left stranded in Peru for almost eight years after being duped by her African lover into migrating and working in Peru, without knowing that he was actually a member of a drug-trafficking syndicate and was using her as a drug mule.

Her only known family in Johor, her late cousin Norabdah Mahmood, and aunt Jamilah Yusuf, had been campaigning for Syzlin’s safe return to Malaysia.

Upon arrival at the mosque, a 'solat jenazah' was performed and Syzlin's remains were later brought to the cemetery by around 100 people.

A woman who claimed to be Syzlin’s biological sister, Rushidah Hattaman, 57, who lives in Sengkang, Singpore, was seen arriving at the mosque around 7.30pm.

Rushidah, a housewife, said she learned of Syzlin’s death from a Malaysian news broadcast aired in Singapore.

"I had also followed Syzlin’s plight via videos on YouTube but I didnt know who to contact in Johor Baru," he said.

She said Syzlin and her other siblings were given away when they were children, but over the years as they reached adulthood, the sibling were reunited as Rushidah attempts to locate all her 16 siblings.

Rushidah said their father died in 1997 while their mother passed away in 1980.

"There are only eight siblings still alive today and they live all over Malaysia," she said adding that she last met Syzlin 17 years ago.

Mohd Yazid Anuar, 37, a foster brother of Syzlin, came to the funeral with his family.

Yazid said Syzlin was a caring sister and had helped him during his time of hardship when he last met her nine years ago.

"She helped me with money when I needed to pay for my house rent," he said.

Shaan Shah Mohd Nasir, 49, said his late wife Norabdah's last wish before her death was to bring Syzlin home.

"My wife's death may have come as a shock to her (Syzlin). She knew my wife had died in September when I had informed her through WhatsApp. Syzlin must have been heartbroken and took ill when she knew the only family she had had died," he said.

Syzlin died on Oct 7. She had been suffering from asthma and diabetes.

Johor Bahru Umno deputy chief Datuk Yahya Jaafar thanked Umno Malaysia and Umno Johor Bahru as well as the media for their help in bringing back Syzlin’s remains.

Syzlin was laid to rest near the grave of her cousin Norabdah, who had passed away on September 23.

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