An RTD officer speaking with an instructor of the driving school it was checking.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Road Transport Department (RTD) is reviewing old and irrelevant laws under its jurisdiction for better enforcement.

Its deputy director-general (operation), Datuk Wan Ahmad Uzir Wan Sulaiman, said the transport minister had requested the department to conduct the review.

“The minister wants us to review our old rules. We are doing it and it is a continuous process,” he told the New Straits Times.

Wan Ahmad Uzir, when asked about the growing number of uncertified driving instructors, also did not rule out the possibility of reviewing the Motor Vehicles (Driving Schools) Rules 1992.

The outdated laws were said to be among the factors that encouraged this offence.

Selangor RTD is proposing to open its headquarters for use by other state RTDs to conduct the SPIM course.

Selangor RTD director Nazli Abu Taib said some uncertified instructors did not want to attend the course as it was not convenient to travel to the RTD Academy in Melaka.

Nazli Abu Taib

“Furthermore, they have to wait for their turn to attend the course and this may be time-consuming.

“Some people have many commitments, especially those paid on a daily basis. They may not want to take two weeks’ leave to go to Melaka. We have to give due consideration to all these factors.”

Nazli said the department also had to review its processes to make it easier for people to apply for SPIM. Applicants need to hold a valid driving licence for at least five years, have a clean record and produce a supporting letter from a driving school.

SPIM classes are priced between RM600 and RM1,500, depending on the course.

Wan Ahmad Uzir said the department would have to identify suitable locations for a SPIM training ground.

“At the moment, we are doing it at our academy in Melaka because we have the facilities there.

“We have to look at the needs and if we find a suitable location, then we can do it in all the states as well,” he said, adding that the “Qualifying Test at the Institute” (QTI) for enrolling was offered in all states.

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