The 18-year-old teenager outside the magistrate’s court in Sungai Petani yesterday. Pix by Omar Osman

ADEVOTED father is torn and tormented over the alleged rape of his daughters by their elder brother.

Although he was trying to hide his emotional pain, he could not hide the storm that was brewing in his head as he started talking about the incident, which he said was “the biggest test of faith in my life”.

The claim by his daughters — aged 14, 9 and 8 — that they were sexually assaulted by their 18-year-old brother had struck the father of 12 to the core.

“It never crossed my mind that my son could do such a thing to his siblings. He is a caring brother who doesn’t do drugs or smoke.

“I am praying hard that it (the allegation) is not true. I don’t think I can wake up from this nightmare,” said the 51-year-old man in a shaking voice when asked about his third child, who is at the centre of a police investigation.

Speaking to the New Sunday Times yesterday, the man said he was caught off-guard by what happened. His 39-year-old wife then decided to lodge a police report on Thursday, a day after the alleged incident involving their 8-year-old daughter.

“I wish I had spent more time with them so that I could see if there was any change in their attitude.

“However, I have to work day and night to provide for them and put food on the table,” he said as he gazed at a floating house by the riverside, where his son had allegedly raped his 8-year-old sister.

He said he was astounded by the rape claims as his wife was at home all the time with their children in Kampung Pulau Tiga, Sungai Layar, here.

The couple have 12 children — five girls and seven boys — aged between 3 and 21.

“I cannot say for sure whether there is any basis to my daughters’ claims. I’ll leave it to the police to investigate,” he said.

The man said his son was restless upon learning that his wife had lodged a report on Thursday morning.

“I told him to turn himself in so that the police could carry out the investigation, and he obliged.

“Before leaving the house on Thursday, he hugged his siblings, telling them to take care of themselves and said he might not return,” he said while fighting back tears.

He said his three young daughters were warded at Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital here for a medical check-up.

The man said the hardest thing for him during this difficult time was to hold the family together.

“It is not going to be easy, but I must remain strong for my daughters and son. They are all my children, no matter what,” he said.

Police obtained a week-long remand order against the teen beginning yesterday.

Magistrate Arif Mohamad Ariff granted the remand order filed by the Kuala Muda police personnel when the teen was escorted to the Sungai Petani Courts Complex yesterday.

The 8-year-old girl claimed that her brother raped her in the vacant house adjacent to their home about 8pm on Wednesday.

Investigators are also probing into claims by the suspect’s two other sisters that they had also been raped by him.

Police have classified the case under Section 376B of the Penal Code, which carries a maximum of 30 years’ imprisonment and caning if convicted.

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