Photos of the arrest of Malaysian students in connection with the Manchester bombing have been released on Twitter.

THE 3 Malaysian students who were questioned for almost 3½ hours by the Greater Manchester Police on Monday said they are fine because they have not done anything wrong.

They are second and third year students from University of Manchester.

Malaysian High Commission officers, who visited them yesterday, said they were arrested at 5.40pm on Monday at their rented accommodation, but were released at 9pm.

The students, who were not charged, gave their statements at the Longsight police station here.

Earlier, a National Crime Agency spokesman would not reveal the reason for the arrest and only said the case was under investigation.

The Malaysian High Commission officer who visited the students yesterday said they were traumatised by the experience, but were otherwise okay.

The United Kingdom’s security services have been carrying out raids and arrests as part of their investigations into the Manchester bombing.

During an operation, a home occupied by three Malaysian students was raided. Photos allegedly taken by the students’ neighbour were released on Twitter by a Guardian journalist. It showed them being led into police vehicles.

According to a Facebook message circulated among the student community, the three Malaysian students were being housed at a safehouse as their rented home had been cordoned off, with police officers guarding the property.

A Malaysian High Commission officer said male Muslim occupants of neighbouring houses were also arrested and questioned.

The Malaysian students were allegedly not targeted, but were caught in the middle of the tense situation.

Among the questions allegedly asked by Manchester police were whether the Malaysian students knew suicide bomber Salman Abedi, whether they had met him and whether they symphatised with his cause.

Although the students were released, police had confiscated their mobile phones and computers for further investigation. The students’ friends are worried as one of the students will sit an examination this week.

Fourteen men are in custody following last Monday’s bombing by Abedi that killed 22 people at Manchester Arena after a pop concert.

Over the coming days and weeks, UK police would continue working with communities to address their concerns.

They sought the public’s help to defeat terrorism by being extra vigilant and letting the authorities know of suspicious behaviour or activity.

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