KUALA LUMPUR: Two videos of a man allegedly involved in road rage incidents in the Klang Valley have surfaced on the social media, sparking outrage among Netizens.

In the first incident in January, a woman, believed to be a foreigner, had claimed that the man who was driving a white Toyota Fortune had wanted move into her lane but she refused to give way.

The man then forced his way into the lane and got in front of the woman’s car. He then intermittently slammed on the brakes, obstructing the woman from overtaking him.

The woman’s ordeal was recorded and the video was uploaded on video-sharing site YouTube.

At the end of the video, the man stopped his car in the middle of the road and got out of his vehicle before he was seen taking picture of the woman’s car.

The video has since garnered more than 6,000 views. Some Netizens questioned if the woman had done something wrong to spark the man’s anger while others were furious with his action.

YouTube user Gurmeet Singh posted that this was the third time the same guy has been reported for road bullying.

Another user Muhammad Asyraffuddin Salleh said the man was now famous, for all the wrong reasons, in relation to road bullying cases.

In another video that has also been making its round, the same man was seen in a heated argument with another man clad in grey shirt.

Several passers-by tried to calm the situation but the road bully warned the man not to involve others in the argument.

He was heard yelling ‘do not involve others in this’ and ‘enough, enough’ but it was unclear what how the man in grey responded.

The argument was about to get physical but other passers-by intervened, and the man got into the vehicle.

As the man in grey was taking picture of the man’s car, the enraged bully then tried to ram his car into the other man.

This led the man in grey to punch and kick the vehicle.

The enraged driver was then caught raising his middle finger towards the man in grey before he left the scene.

The bully is believed to have at least nine previous summons including speeding and ignoring traffic laws.

At press time, the New Straits Times was still trying to get a confirmation from police if any actions were being towards the man other than having summonses issued.

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A videograb showing the man allegedly involved in the road rage incident.

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