IT was a bittersweet victory for Hawa Liyana Hashim, 34, who won a civil suit against PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS), which was ordered by the Sessions Court here yesterday to pay her RM158,961 for negligence that led to the death of her husband two years ago.

Hawa Liyana said she was satisfied with the award, describing it as serving justice for the death of her husband, Imran Kamili Ahmad Nazirin, as well as a Ramadan gift.

“I hope PLUS will be more alert and vigilant in ensuring that there are no stray objects lying on the expressway as they can jeopardise the lives of road users.

“When the incident happened to my husband, I was five months’ pregnant.

“We have another two daughters, aged 8 and 2. Imran has two other children, aged 16 and 18, from his previous marriage,” said Hawa, who appeared calm.

On her future plans, Hawa said she might use the money to repair her late husband’s favourite motorcycle (Harley Davidson), which he rode during the accident.

“But I need to discuss with Imran’s two other children whether to repair, keep or sell the machine,” said Hawa.

On April 29, 2015, Imran, 45, who worked as an election commissioner during the Permatang Pauh by-election in Penang, was on his way home in Putrajaya when his Harley Davidson skidded after hitting a wooden block in the middle of the road at Km342.6 of the North-South Expressway near Tapah. He died at the scene.

Judge D. Sunita Kaur Jessy ruled that PLUS was 100 per cent responsible for failing to ensure that the road under its management was safe for road users.

Hawa Liyana, who was represented by Sukhdave Singh, filed the suit against PLUS in October last year.

The plaintiff called two witnesses, while PLUS, which was represented by counsel Siti Aimuni Abd Latif, called three.

Sukhdave said the RM158,961.61 included RM3,000 for funeral expenses.

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Hawa Liyana Hashim with her lawyer Sukhdave Singh. Hawa has won a civil suit against PLUS Malaysia Berhad. Pix by Muhaizan Yahya

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