Flowers and herbs may wither but they can still make an eye-catching display of creativity upon your bare walls.

Imagine your white walls as a vast canvas that you can unleash your creativity upon. I love the idea of having some colour and a rustic feel to brighten up the otherwise plain white wall. Use lots of dried flowers, herbs and twigs and let your imagination go wild with your own unique creations. There’s something so beautiful about them — their decayed yet delicate state adds a charming element to a bare wall. They add so much personality to any space in fact.

The next time you receive a floral bouquet, don’t discard it once the blooms and leaves wither. Simply tie the stems with a string and hang them upside down from a wooden hanger or wire mesh that’s nailed onto your wall. You may even dangle them on window sills or above your door. When you get more bouquets, suspend them from a piece of fishing line. Secure this line onto any wall and you’ll get a really nice hanging floral garden albeit a dried one with its own unique charm.

This is the simplest of dècor which takes little time and effort. And the best part is that you can preserve your favourite flowers or herbs for years. If you do tire of them, who’s to stop you from getting new dried-up bouquets of blooms or bunches of herbs and twigs? You’ll have endless fun using various other dècor combinations to recreate any design you fancy.

A combination of dried twigs and natural-looking fake leaves against vivid wooden strips make an eye-catching display. Additional elements are the cloth bags hung from nails on the wall.


Take the wall art dècor further by framing pressed flowers and leaves for display. This is one of the prettiest ways to preserve a piece of beautiful nature, be it wild plants, forest blooms or petals from bouquets received during special occasions such as wedding anniversaries.

Mix dried flowers and your favourite decorative items such as tiny bells, natural-looking fake plants and flowers or even small garden tools to create an eye-catching arrangement on the wall. You may even add some vintage postcards or photos. Wrap the postcards or photos in clear plastic sleeves to protect them. Use masking tape to hang these and then twine the tape to hang your dried flowers from nails in the wall.

Other easy items to use are wire mesh or frame, hooks and wooden strips to hang the dried flowers and all your other decorative pieces.

Use wire frame to hang any plants, including dried coconut husks for a unique arrangement.

Play around with your arrangement until you’re pleased with how it looks. Why not hang some fancy jewellery or accessories to jazz up your creation too?

Dried herbs such as basil and parsley also make pleasant wall dècor especially in the kitchen. Despite being dried, they still emit a nice herbal aroma to titillate your senses. Drying these at home can be as easy as hanging the bundled herbs. Secure the herbs with a rubber band and hang them upside down in your kitchen. Or simply tie them to a drying rack with some jute string. You can even use wooden cloth pegs to attach the stems to a string or wire mesh and keep on trimming them to get a beautiful display.

Suspend a bunch of herbs from a hook secured to a wall.

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