FLYING, especially on long haul flights, can be a total nightmare if you are suffering from sinusitis. I know, as I have it too. Stuffy nose, headache and sometimes, facial pain ...I have gone through it all. 

While keeping myself hydrated is essential, chugging litres of water does not help as I end up making frequent visits to the lavatory. 

But not anymore, now that I have found a remedy to combat my sinus attack!


Nuhaa Botanical’s Shoo Shoo Sinus Essential Oil blend is just what I need when I travel. 

It is a blend of four essential oils — lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint and frankincense.

This magic concoction helps relief sinusitis, headache, motion sickness and asthma. It is ideal for pregnant women battling nausea too.

When I get sinus attack, I rub it on the affected area. When I cough, I rub it on my chest. When I have a stuffy nose, I roll it on my palm and inhale it. What a relief and it is relaxing too! The 10ml roll-on bottle is convenient to bring anywhere. It’s definitely a must-have in everyone’s handbag.

Shoo Shoo Sinus Essential Oil blend is priced at RM30.


Another travel essential from Nuha Botanical that I need is the Eye Bags Be Gone oil.  This special blend helps to diminish eye puffs and fine lines around the eyes naturally. All I need to do is dab it under my eyes every night (or when I’m tired on board especially) and gently massage it around my eyes.

Made of neroli, frankincense, carrot seed, lavender diluted with jojoba oil, fractionated coconut oil and Vitamin E, the blend is super mild for my under-eye skin. 

Try it out for a week and you’ll see the difference.

You will definitely need it for a picture-perfect selfie on your holiday! Eye Bags Be Gone is priced at RM30 for 10ml and RM10 for 4ml.

Nuhaa Botanicals also sells other natural organic products, natural essential oils and carrier oils. All products are safe for children. Visit Instagram at @nuhaabotanicals or

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