The Tenderloin Beef Asam Pedas which is a must try

AFTER hearing about the dahmakan food delivery service that offers a variety of healthy food selections, I decide to give it a try.

What makes this even more convenient is the app that can be downloaded on your mobile device and you can pre-book meals (which can be decided even a week before). So I pre-book my meals two days before.

After downloading the app and filling in some details, you can browse the available lunch and dinner meals. The usage of the app is as easy as 1,2,3. First, choose a preferred delivery time frame for either lunch or dinner, then look at the top five to seven meals of the day (one meal is vegetarian).

After selecting your preferred meal/s which comes either in sets (drink, appetiser and dessert) or ala carte, you choose the preferred payment and confirm the order.

Well packed meals with different coloured wrappings that represent each dish

Once the order has been confirmed a confirmation email is sent to the customer. The best thing about the app is the reminder it gives a day before the delivery and the constant status updates (through SMS) on the actual delivery date.

Each day there are about five different international and local meals to select. There are pictures and descriptions of each dish. Oh, and it’s perfect for those who love to count your calories as it shows the calorie count for each meal with the core ingredients used.


It’s the day of the food delivery, and I chose the 12.45pm to 1.45pm time slot. I am getting constant updates on my phone as there is a slight delay in the kitchen. But soon enough the doorbell rings at 1.10pm and my order comes in a brown cardboard that have colourful wrappers around them (each meal box has a different colour) together with plastic forks and spoons.

My order is Healthy Minced Chicken Lasagna, Tenderloin Beef Assam Pedas, Thai Green Chicken Curry, Chicken Bolognaise, and the Red Velvet cake in a cup dessert. The meals are said to be prepared by former five-star hotel chefs so you can expect tasty yet high-quality food.

Clockwise top left -Thai Green Chicken Curry, Beef Asam Pedas, Lasagna and Chicken Bolognaise

With everything so well-packed, my family and I start to open the boxes and devour the food. As for the Western dishes, the lasagne despite being a little cold doesn’t lose its rich flavour with the abundant potion of the baked golden brown Australian mozzarella and parmesan cheese, and the minced chicken in the red pasta sauce. The portion is decent and more than enough for one person, accompanied with a side of boiled carrots and cauliflowers.

The other Italian-inspired dish, the Chicken Bolognaise doesn’t disappoint as the minced chicken cooked in the thick sauce has enough salt and herbs. You can get the strong favours of oregano, bay leaf and thyme. The pasta is also cooked with perfection with a side of broccoli and carrots.

Rich and hearty Chicken Lasagna

Meanwhile, the Thai Green Curry Chicken is served with brown rice and boiled long green beans and carrots. In the light green creamy curry there are small cubed eggplants, capsicums and baby corn. The dish is aromatic and rich with the use of lemongrass and coconut milk. For my palate, I like something more spicy though.

Creamy Thai Green Chicken Curry

The Tenderloin Beef Asam Pedas is the highlight. The cubes of beef are luxuriously tender, and the spicy and sour gravy filled with cherry tomatoes compliment the Ulam brown rice and salted egg. It’s definitely a must try if it’s on the daily menu.

To end the healthy and fulfilling meal, I go for something “naughty” … red velvet cake in a cup! This dessert has a heavenly taste. It is so moist and the cream cheese is sweet enough to make my day.

There are other choices of desserts, sides and drinks that you can choose from. As for the drinks you can choose nutritious cold- pressed juices. For the sides you can choose soups (pumpkin and mushroom soup) and snacks (tortilla chips). This is one app I won’t be deleting any time soon.



Areas of delivery: Within the KL area

Tel: 03-74992697



HOURS Delivery hours – Lunch and Dinner (Monday –Sunday)

FOOD Asian , Western and International dishes.

PICK My pick- Beef Assam Pedas

PAY From RM21- 28 (Prime Meals starting from RM17. Prime meals- you can sign up for 10, 20 or 50 meals upfront depending on your lifestyle and enjoy big savings. You can even send meals to your friends under your subscription.) Get RM5 discount for your orders with this code: NSTPDMKFIVEOFF. However, this code is only valid for First Time Customers.

SERVICE Efficient and Fast

I SAY… Go give it a try

Pictures by Laveda Charles

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