Thayaparan wants to see how far he can go in terms of strength and endurance.

Name: Thayaparan Sithambarapillai

Age: 32

Occupation: Accountant

Weight:  72kg

Height: 170cm

1.What is your weekly exercise routine?
HIIT and strength training.

2.What is your fitness aim?
The human body is capable of many things, I just want to see how far I can go in terms of strength and endurance.

3. Are you a gym junkie or outdoor exerciser?
I do both to keep things interesting.

4.How do you get over being too lazy to exercise?
I remind myself why I started this and I’ve come too far to stop now.

5.What is your favourite workout?
I love doing pull-ups.

6. Weights or cardio?
Weights!!! haha.

7.How long do you sleep at night?
7-8 hours.

8.What is your favourite pre-exercise/pre-race fuel?

9.How do you recover from a hard workout?
Good food and good sleep.

10.What is your advice to get people to exercise?
Fitness isn’t complicated , go and enjoy yourself, once you see the results you won’t want to stop. Our body wasn’t designed for a sedentary lifestyle.

11.What’s your favourite source of protein and why?
Eggs. They’re cheap and easy to prepare.

12. Are you pro or anti carbohydrate?
Pro!! Carbs are fuel for our body.

13.What do you run in?
Salomon S-Lab.

14.What’s the one thing that exercise has taught you?
Things don’t get easier, you just get stronger.

15.What’s your favourite workout memory?
Finding out the lift wasn’t working after completing a tough leg workout. It was a long way down the stairs!!!!

16.Do you listen to music while exercising?

17. Do you prefer to exercise individually or in a group?
I prefer to exercise with a friend. It helps to push me further.

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