Hong Kong superstar Chow Yun Fat. Pix from @chowyunfat Instagram account

KUALA LUMPUR: Despite his net worth of HK$5.6 billion (RM2.97 billion), Hong Kong superstar Chow Yun Fat only spends about HK$800 (RM424) a month.

In a recent news report, the 63-year-old award-winning artiste still leads a modest life despite his wealth and status, viewing himself just like the Average Joe.

The report quoted his wife Jasmine Tan who said that Chow had always enjoyed having street food and was still using his 17-year-old mobile phone.

She added that her husband would only change his old phone when it no longer worked.

It is also a common sight for residents of Hong Kong to see the superstar taking the public transport and wearing simple and basic attires.

Chow had in previous news report said how he preferred simple pieces when it came to clothing, as long as they were comfortable.

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