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KUALA LUMPUR: Producer and director Michael Ang is clearly disturbed by news of unwanted babies being abandoned.

Feeling strongly about the issue which has seen cases continue to be reported across the nation, he took to Instagram to condemn this “crime against humanity.”

In a video he uploaded, Ang said: “Do you so-called parents know anything about condoms and birth-control pills? No?

“And do you want to wait till the government or your schools give you free condoms?” he said in the caption to his video.

“Enough is enough!” he added.

Ang also questioned the “existence of monsters” who mercilessly dumped their own children after birth only to be torn apart by stray dogs.

In the latest baby-dumping news reported in Serdang, a baby was found with dog-bite marks.

“What sort of humans are you? Real people love their babies!”

Ang also told mothers who did not want their babies to send them to the nearest orphanages or mosques besides the baby hatches.

“If you don’t want your babies, many prospective parents out there want them. Don’t destroy God’s creation!”

Best known for directing the movie Kimchi Untuk Awak and TV dramas as Suri Hati Mr Pilot and Coffee Prince, Ang’s video received much attention from his fans and followers who gave their thumbs up for his hard-hitting message on the pressing issue.

“True! Pity those babies!” commented actress Shima Anuar.

“Totally agree. Pills, condoms, sex education are necessary,” said Leila.

“I fully agree with you Mike! Better be responsible and don’t destroy lives. Better wear condoms!” said Fariha.

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