Joe Flizzow apologised to the fans for the huge turnout during the #16Baris showcase. Pic source: Instagram/flizzow.

KUALA LUMPUR: The huge turnout at the recent #16Baris showcase held at The Bee, Publika, here last Saturday has left many hip-hop fans disappointed.

Many who came found themselves being left high and dry when they could not enter the already-packed venue to watch performances by award-winning rapper Joe Flizzow and fellow artistes such as Altimet, Aman Ra, Sonaone, Alif, Kayda and Kid Raw.

The free showcase was organised by Joe’s Kartel Records and Rocketfuel Entertainment

Following the brouhaha, Joe took to Instagram yesterday to issue an apology on the matter.

He wrote: "Terdahulunya kami seikhlasnya ingin memohon maaf kepada semua peminat yang tidak dapat masuk ke dalam tempat konsert terutamanya mereka yang telah membuat perjalanan dari luar negeri dan telah berusaha untuk berada di sana semalam.

“Adalah amat dikesali bahawa terdapat sejumlah besar peminat-peminat tidak dapat menyertai kami dan kami telah mendengar dan mengambil maklum kekecewaan anda.

“Kami berjanji untuk membuat dengan lebih baik pada masa akan datang dan kami berharap semua peminat akan terus menyokongartis-artis dan muzik mereka.”

This list of artistes who performed during the #16Baris. Pic source: Instagram/flizzow.

(Firstly, we would like to apologise to fans who could not join us at the venue, especially those who had taken the effort to travel from other states. It is regrettable for us to know that there were many who could not watch the showcase and it your disappointment is understandable. We promise to do better the next time we organise such a showcase and hope that fans will keep supporting artistes and the music they make.)

He added that the chaos arose when there had been an overwhelming response from music fans, exceeding the organisers’ expectation.

On a lighter note, despite the hoo-ha, Joe was touched by the support and response by fans who had come to the showcase, proving that there’s a good sizeable followers of the hip-hop culture in Malaysia.

Joe Flizzow took to his social media accounts to apologise to fans. Pic source: Instagram/flizzow.

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