Television host Sugeeta Chandran says it is a joy to see her students happy.

TELEVISION host Sugeeta Chandran, 28, believes we all have an “inner child”.

She loves teaching children with special needs, particularly those who are dyslexic or “slow learners”.

“It is not easy to teach these children as it requires patience, but I find it rewarding since I’ve bonded well with them,” she said at Seri Pentas in Petaling Jaya recently.

“Perhaps I take after my mother, who has a natural rapport with children.

“Whenever I’m with them, I tend to be playful and chatty, thus teaching them makes me tick.”

Sugeeta, a human resource management and psychology graduate from Segi University, “feels good” each time her students smile and cheer.

“It’s a joy to see them happy, a sign that I’ve worked hard teaching them,” said Sugeeta.

“I’ve never had unpleasant experiences with them.

“Instead, I’ve discovered they can be good artists and remember songs well.”

Being compassionate to the less fortunate, especially children, is a virtue Sugeeta’s mother has instilled in her.

“Children learn fast and are full of ideas. While they learn from me, I learn from them, too,” said Sugeeta, who is one of nine co-hosts on ntv7’s new talk-show The Feel Good Show.

Sugeeta, who finished fourth in Miss Universe Malaysia 2015 and has been modelling for six years, has been teaching dyslexic children ever since she was attached to the Dyslexia Association of Malaysia during her university days.

Having hosted “MYEG Daily” and YouTube programme My Motor Star Car, Sugeeta has also starred in telemovies Achi Muruku and Settai Hotel in 2016.

She auditioned for The Feel Good Show late last year, and aced it.

As the show is informal and covers many topics, she finds it tailor-made for her.

“There are light and serious topics, interviews and reporting, and there is also a segment for youngsters.

“I’m raring to go.”

The other hosts
include Razif Hashim, Erwin Dawson and Megan Tan.

“I’m glad to work with them, as they’ve got lots of experience in showbiz,” said Sugeeta, whose favourite hosts are Daphne Iking and Aishah Sinclair, who had helmed ntv7’s The Breakfast Show.

The Feel Good Show airs live
on ntv7 from 8am to 10am daily beginning March 5.

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