KUALA LUMPUR: More than 20,000 fans filled Stadium Merdeka yesterday to see not one but seven of their favourite K-Pop stars perform.

K-Pop group Tahiti. Pic by MacpiePro

The K-Wave 2 Music Festival concert saw K-Pop groups Super Junior, Mamamoo, Nu'est W, A.C.E, Tahiti and Halo, and female singer Taeyeon giving their fans a night to remember.

Female singer Taeyeon. Pic by MacpiePro

The cheers were naturally the loudest for Super Junior, currently one of the most legendary boy groups ever, having been in the K-Pop industry for 12 years.

They sent fans into a frenzy with their energetic yet suave performance of hit songs such as Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, Mamacita and Black Suit.

Super Junior. Pic by MacpiePro

"We were so worried because it rained so much during rehearsals earlier today. Luckily it had stopped," said group member Eunhyuk.

"We have begun our tour, Super Show 7 recently. Think of our show tonight as the preview (of the concert in Malaysia)," said the group leader Leeteuk, resulting in happy cheers from fans.

"Super Show 7 coming soon!" member Heechul added.

Nu'est W. Pic by MacpiePro

Taeyeon and girl groups Mamamoo and Tahiti on the other hand had their fanboys cheering loudly during their respective sets where they showcased a mix of cute and sexy personas.

The four members of Nu'est W, who performed here in 2012 and 2013, said it was great to be back and see that they still have strong supporters here.

K-Pop group Mamamoo. Pic by MacpiePro

Despite being newer than the other acts, boy groups Halo and A.C.E were just as passionate and didn't spare any energy for their own performances.

This is A.C.E, Tahiti and Mamamoo's first visit to Malaysia, who all commented on the country's hot and humid weather.

K-Pop group Halo. Pic by MacpiePro

"It's a nice change, though, from South Korea where it's freezing cold right now because of the winter season," they said.

K-Wave 2 Music Festival was presented by Mcalls and organised by MacpiePro.

K-Pop group A.C.E. Pic by MacpiePro

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