Hazami says ‘Maha’ and ‘Tekad’ have different melodies

AWARD-WINNING singer Hazami is thrilled that his yet to-be-released single, Maha, has gotten a good response from music fans.

Although the single, composed and recorded earlier this year, has yet to be officially released, the 42-year-old has performed it live at various events, as well as on television and radio shows.

Hazami, whose full name is Norkamal Hazami Ahmad, first performed the self-composed ballad in Ipoh, when he was invited to join in a road tour for Suria FM’s Jelajah 10 Tahun Suria last April.

“I remember that some of the audiences were engrossed in the song. The applause I received at the end of my performance of Maha spoke volumes.

“This is the first time my self-composed tune received such a response. It prompted my management to push the single for an earlier release.

“I was advised to release Maha before Ramadan, but that meant having to attend to the promoting of the single during the fasting month. That was out of the question since Ramadan is a time where I take my break from music,” said Hazami, whose last single, Cintai Dia, was released last year.

The earliest date that Hazami and his management team might release the song is next month. The ballad is a continuation of his hit Tekad (taken off his 2002 debut album Tekad Redha Tabah). Tekad defined him as a vocal powerhouse as it tested his capabilities.

“Maha and Tekad have different melodies. What I meant by a continuation is that both share similar elements where they showcase my vocal range, and the message about chasing your dreams.

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