This is Cartoon Network, it’s a huge deal for me! Alif Satar

The singer, actor and TV host goes bad for his guest role in a special episode of animated series Ben 10

HE’S a doting father of two but Alif Satar’s love for cartoons has always endured. This is the reason why giving voice to a villainous character called Tim Buktu in a special Malay-dubbed episode of Cartoon Network’s popular animated series Ben 10 has brought him so much joy.

 The work opportunity was a dream come true for the 27-year-old singer-actor, who grew up watching the adventurous series Johnny Bravo and Dexter’s Laboratory on Cartoon Network. “I’ve done hosting, acting, singing but this has been my first stint voicing a cartoon character.

“When I was offered the gig, I immediately said ‘yes’. This is Cartoon Network, it’s a huge deal for me!” said Alif excitedly.

The Dia Semanis Honey actor joked that he wished he had been given the role to voice Ben 10 himself, but was still proud to follow in the footsteps of comedian Nabil Ahmad, who had previously lent his voice in an episode of Uncle Grandpa in 2014. Singer Shila Amzah had also sung the theme song of the Powerpuff Girls in Malay last year. 


Despite Alif’s slim figure, his onscreen character is ironically a big-sized, obnoxious villain who is always up to no good.

“So this meant that I had to ensure my voice sounded loud and deep enough to match his physical appearance and personality. Tim Buktu always has naughty tricks up his sleeve. He wants to be a hero in his own right but always ends up in a mess.

“This is where Ben 10 swoops in to help save the day,” said Alif, who completed the dubbing process within a few hours. Initially, he thought that voicing the role would be a breeze but soon discovered, to his surprise, that it was harder than acting or singing.

For him, an actor’s movements and gestures allow viewers to interpret emotions easily. “And singing is such a breeze; I do it with my eyes closed. But dubbing requires a lot of effort, to channel the various emotions. You can’t be just sitting in a stationary position. You need to move around and do what it takes to ensure the voice matches what the audiences watch,” he said.

“Dubbing it in Malay is no easy task either, having to translate directly from the English script. There were some words that didn’t really fit in, so it was quite difficult. Fortunately, I was really lucky to have a good producer and director who guided me every step of the way. It took a few takes to get the lines right but it all turned out well.”


If you follow Alif’s Instagram you’d know that he is extremely close to two of his daughters Alisha Anugerah, 2 and Ariana Mecca; Ariana was born in February.

Do they watch Ben 10? “Well since they’re girls, they’re not into cartoons like Ben 10 at the moment,” said Alif.  

But since daddy will be guest starring in a special episode, you can be sure that he’ll be making his little girls watch the show. “I hope they’ll be able to recognise my voice!” he said, before flashing his megawatt smile.


Besides flying back and forth to Kota Kinabalu to manage his newly opened café called A’s Cafe, Alif will start filming a TV drama series called Red Velvet, directed by Michael Ang after Hari Raya.

The rom-com will see Alif taking on the lead role opposite Neelofa. 

“I’ve also been selected to perform the theme song for the government’s Transformasi Nasional 2050 initiative alongside a newcomer in the industry, Ernie Zakri.

“The song called Transformasi Nasional is composed by Muhammad Yuri Edris with lyrics by Ahmad Fedtri Yahya, who is TV3’s Malaysia Hari Ini host,” he said.

The Akhiri Penantianku singer also shared that he will be returning to host the second season of the reality TV competition show, Clever Girl, on TV3.

The new season will air in August. 


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