The single most important lesson Anzalna’s dad taught her about life? “To always work hard and never depend on anyone.” Pix by Saifullizan Tamadi

FATHERS will always be our invincible heroes, and actress Anzalna Md Nasir could not agree more.

“My dad is my hero.

“He’s a caring and loving man who would do anything to make his family happy,” Anzalna said.

“Being the sole breadwinner of the family, I am sure it was not an easy task to raise five daughters!

“Girls will always be girls.

“My sisters and I love to doll up (something our mother taught us since young), and that came with a lot of requests to go shopping for make-up and clothes.

“He (my father) would always meet our requests, as long as his girls were happy.

“I think that is the sweetest thing,” the 29-year-old Memori Cinta Suraya actress said.

Anzalna recalled the time when her father, Professor Madya Dr Md Nasir Ibrahim, teared up when she told him of her plans to tie the knot with her now husband, Mu-hammad Hanif Zaki Mohamad Zaki, 29.

“He cried!

“Because we are so close, I could not imagine not living under the same roof as my parents after getting married.

“But, fortunately, things have stayed the same.

“I am still very manja  with my father, even though I am married.

“He still spoils me as he did when I was younger.”

The single most important lesson her dad taught her about life? “To always work hard and never depend on anyone.”

Anzalna is on set to film a 100-episode drama titled Dendam Aurora, in which she plays the antagonist, Putri Adriana.

The drama is produced by Global Station Sdn Bhd.

It is an adaptation of a popular Italian drama, Tuscan Passion, and will be aired on Astro Prima (channel 108). However, there is no word yet on when the show will premiere.

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