Syafiq Kyle, who has been acting since 2011, said he did his best to give a unique spin to every role he played. Pix by Halimaton Saadiah Sulaiman

THESE days, actor Syafiq Kyle is sporting a leaner physique.

He attributes it to the pressure he feels to effectively portray the lead role in the upcoming drama series, Mencintaimu Mr Photographer.

“I have played the lead in two-hour telemovies, but this is a 16-episode television series.

“I have to make sure that viewers are engaged in the storyline from start to finish in each hour-long episode,” Syafiq said.

The 24-year-old was at the launch of Astro’s Raya 2017 programmes at Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur recently.

“It is a responsibility that I have to shoulder during the three months of filming. I think that is the cause of my weight loss.”

Based on the novel of the same name, the series explores the life of photographer Jemy (Syafiq), whose hateful relationship with his studio assistant, Aira (Hannah Delisha), eventually blossoms into a romance.

The couple get married and start a family, but all is not well when their arguments affect their children.

Syafiq, who has been acting since 2011, said he did his best to give a unique spin to every role he played to entertain the audience.

“However, with Mencintaimu the stakes are higher since it’s not just the usual romance series but a family drama as well.

“The producers are aiming to tug at the hearts of viewers deeply with this one.”

Ira Rahman is the director. She has helmed films like Kolestrol vs Cinta, Isteri Untuk Dijual and Malam Pengantin.

“I noticed that female directors have a different feel for filming.

“She is perceptive and would notice if I was not delivering my lines from the heart. I had to do many retakes.” Syafiq said.

He said it was worth the extra work as he was satisfied with the results.

“Perhaps in my next drama series, I will be even thinner.”

Mencintaimu Mr Photographer will replace Hero Seorang Cinderella in the Mega Drama slot on Astro Ria (Channel 104/123).

It will air on Mondays to Thursdays at 10pm starting on July 3.

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