I TRIED two products from different brands but they do have one thing in common - they plump up the skin, increase radiance and generally give a smoother appearance.

It’s like having a minor facelift but without going under the knife.

With the Sisley Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream, the first thing you will notice as you tear open the plastic packaging on the box is the scent of roses wafting around the room. And this is even before you actually twist open the jar and use the cream.

Lots of women love the scent of roses but I’m not much of a fan as I find it to be a cloying fragrance.

In this case, however, I was taken aback at how pleasant the aroma was.

It was noticeable yet not overpoweringly so. It hits the nostrils in a very subtle manner and I found myself quite drawn to it.

The cream, true to its name, comes in a slightly pinkish rosy hue and has an incredibly light texture which is rare for a cream. It’s more common in lotions.


The one thing I detest is a thick, sticky face cream. This one feels fresh and light and I love using it as a daytime moisturiser.

When applied, it glides smoothly onto skin and gives a nice soft, hydrated finish. My skin feels matte and not oily even when I am outside and at the mercy of our humid weather.

I even use it at night. Its light texture means I can go to bed with a well-moisturised face but without any sticky residue.

Many night creams are too rich for my skin so I often avoid buying a product specifically targeted for night use but the Black Rose cream is a soft and light gel formula which also has an inviting, mellow fragrance.

The second product I tried is Swiss Line’s Cell Shock Face Lifting Complex II and it comes in an elegant, sophisticated gold-capped transparent bottle with little beads or bubbles floating around inside.

The bottle has an easy-to-use pump dispenser to maintain hygiene.

Cell Shock Face Lifting Complex II has a very appealing gel texture.

Even a small dollop of this gel goes a long way. The moment I apply it onto my face, I feel a cool, tingling pleasant sensation.

The product targets lines and wrinkles. With regular use, it is said to give a “lifting” effect to the face.

I don’t yet have deep wrinkles but fine lines and dryness are issues I grapple with and they can sometimes make my skin look tired.

I used this gel formula twice a day on my face and neck as per the instructions and loved the way it boosted hydration, especially on the dry areas around my lips, forehead and cheeks. It felt so light and cool that I even used it under my eye.

After a couple of weeks, I noticed that my skin looked less dry, even on days when I did not apply moisturiser. I wouldn’t say my fine lines disappeared but they certainly look less visible, thanks to the fact that my skin is plumped up and better hydrated.




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