Make a statement with this stunning piece.
The bow takes centrestage.
Buckles and embellishments for a stand out look.
Dramatic and eye catching.
Glamourous jewel toned ensemble.

RAMADAN has arrived and some of you have 10 different baju raya in your shopping cart and are just waiting to check out (don’t lie, I do too).

I’ve been asking a few retailers and designer friends how Raya has been going so far. Some said it’s been slow while others said customers have emptied the shop, including the sample rack!

Raya is actually the most unpredictable and chaotic season of all. My experience from being on the sales floor at Mimpikita a few years ago, to styling major Raya campaigns and also from having my own Raya collection this year, tells me that every Raya shopping “episode” is different.

There’s the drama when customers are not able to get a baju raya in the same colour as their spouse (certainly one of the funnier moments) and many other interesting experiences.

But I have also experienced the satisfaction of witnessing my Raya styling work on billboards and banners and the reason that this Raya will be one of my most proudest moments is because I finally have a collection that I can call my own and am truly in love with.

And here’s the breakdown of why Khoon Hooi X Min Luna is the celebrities’ favourite Raya collection this year.

An amazing collaboration between myself and designer extraordinaire Khoon Hooi resulted in this beautiful bespoke Eid collection. During my first design meeting with Khoon Hooi, I was showing him my mood board of bows and metallic rose gold. He nodded with a smile and later flipped open his sketch book and filled it up with so many different ways of doing a bow.

Our eyes met and I knew then I was collaborating with the right person. When you see the collection, you will realise that it brings exciting updates to the traditional Eid wardrobe. There is also a fresh take on bow placement and some of the bows have raw trimmings and come adorned with diamante encrusted buckles, taking the traditional Raya look to a whole new glamorous level.

One of my favourite styling tips for Eid is combining a few different brooches to elevate one’s look. You can see how Khoon Hooi has arranged these amazingly appliqued bling and put them together on some of our luxe taffeta pieces.

A soft, flowing pant suit.

One of my main goals for this Eid collection was to liberate the body and give it free movement. It ties in with my approach as a fashion stylist to never categorise anyone as too big or too small, too tall, too short, too conservative or too liberal; we are all made differently and should be styled as such. And this collection, my first foray into designing a Raya wardrobe, was an extension of this thought process.

I wanted to create a truly inclusive collection to pay tribute to every single woman who has said “I can never carry off that look”. With this collection, I want to say to those women that now they can. We have statement sleeves if you need to hide your arms, flowy tunics if you want to look taller, appliqued bling that can be arranged to make your whole look appear more proportionate and elegant waist flourishes to cinch your waist.

I would only give others something that I would also wear myself and this luxe made-to-order collection introduces new colours such as raspberry sorbet and pistachio while also presenting the famous palette of magnificence iridescent jewel stones. We have flowy pant suits set in butter and white, chic, simple two-piece ensembles in emerald and teal and also sculptured pieces in pastel brocade.

Khoon Hooi’s signature artisanal details are also evident throughout this collection and beautifully complement my sense of playfulness. The full collection featuring 17 looks is available for viewing at the Khoon Hooi Boutique.

The collection is a favourite among celebrities like Neelofa

Fashion stylist Min Luna can be seen regularly on local top celebrities IG stories because for them, she is a style magician. She almost bought her dream JW Anderson Pierce bag in Paris but on second thought, a family trip to Kyoto is more satisfying. Follow her on her journey at or write to her at

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