The line comes in seven shades, from muted to bold.
The boxes of the Alhambra dUCk scarves.
The Gold Alhambra dUCk square scarf.
The yet-to-be-announced Alhambra square scarf in Red.
The Alhambra shawl in Pink

Popular scarf label dUCk released its highly-anticipated Eid collection today.

With seven colours and two options (rectangular and square-- the latter has not been announced on Instagram yet), the new Alhambra dUCk by this cult local scarf label is enough to make dUCkies mutter #takemymoneynow as they head to the checkout, with boxes of new scarves in tow.

A classy take on carving and Arabic calligraphy, the line is set to be a sellout, thanks to the options it present—square and rectangle scarves, whichever you fancy. On top of that you will find a shade that you like from the palette—red and black for those who like bold hues, pink, mint and lilac for pastel lovers and white and gold for those who like muted shades.

It’s a palette that will gel well with your Raya ensemble and for that, the line will sell well.

The collection for the shawls, priced at RM300 each, went up at 1.30am online this morning, and sold out within 30 minutes. According to its Instagram post, all stocks in physical stores—FashionValet Bangsar Village II and dUCk store Pavilion have sold out. A restock will be announced soon and those who lost the “battle” will get another chance at buying the scarves.

Inspired by the carvings of the majestic Alhambra in Granada, Spain, the idea behind the print of the scarves is to pay tribute to the mosque as a place that reunites Muslims during Ramadan, for Eid celebrations and beyond.

“We pass it every day, yet we fail to realise the power of a mosque—a building that unites us all,” says the dUCk Group founder Vivy Yusof.

“Through this Eid creation and our theme of unity, we not only hope to bring back the true meaning of Eid but also celebrate the beauty of Muslim art,”

Follow @theduckgroup on Instagram for news of restock and an announcement of the square scarf.

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