(File pix) Aznita Zainul Azman (left) and sister, Zairin.(Pix by Khairul Azhar Ahmad)

One loves fashion. The other, make-up. Two sisters have launched on-line businesses unique to their styles.

THEY may not share the same interests but two sisters have a similar approach to launching their on-line businesses. Both want brands that reflect their personalities.

Zairin Zainul Azman’s love for fashion leads to the launch of Umma. Younger sister Aznita, who is passionate about beauty, is the founder of cosmetics line Nita.

Umma was set up in 2015 after Zairin could not find Muslimah clothing that fits her style, minimal and basic yet stylish and fashionable.

“I am not a fashion designer but I love fashion. I want collections based on my ideas and not to follow what is in the market. It is not just about sales, it is about creating something I like and, hopefully, others will too. It is important that people are comfortable wearing my creations,” said Zairin.

“As it is my first foray into fashion, I am involved in the creation process including looking for the fabrics locally and trying a lot of samples.”

Zairin, 34, says Umma is modern modest wear that reflects a woman’s strength, beauty, courage, freedom, and independence.

It is a style that says dressing modestly does not mean hijab-wearing women cannot be fashionable and be bold to explore new styles.

Umma semi-instant scarves in pastel colours.

Umma sets itself apart from other Muslimah fashion brands with its affordable prices and different cutting minus the elaborate accessories.

It has launched basic and semi-instant scarves, inner caps and volumnisers. The scarves are priced from RM69 to RM79 , inner caps are between RM49 and RM59, and volumnisers at RM49.

“The brand has a minimalist appeal. Our designs are simple yet pretty and affordable.

“It is a competitive market because there are people with years of experience in the industry and celebrities have also launched their brands. But if you have your own identity and style, you will attract customers who like your brand. From the response to our initial products on Fashion Valet and Lazada, consumers like Umma.”

The first collection, comprising jubah, modern dresses, tops, pants, long skirts and a three-piece outfit, is already out. Her Raya collection for men and women is also available online.


For Aznita, the cosmetics line is a reflection of young women who want zest and colour in their lives and live every day to the fullest. It is the 26-year-old’s way of telling her story through Nita.

“When I was young, I used to put on my mum’s make-up and wore my own at 18. I’m a dreamer and have always wanted to create something fun and quirky and that is the aim of Nita. It is a brand for women who love to explore the world and love all things exciting, fun and new.”

Aznita with her first product, matte liquid lipstick.KHAIRUL AZHAR AHMAD

The cosmetics line incorporates local customs, traditions and even cuisine into the names and packaging of the products. The first product is a matte liquid lipstick based on her Malaysian roots. There is a choice of four named after traditional attire, kurung, cheongsam, songket, kebaya and sari.

“Women love to wear lipstick. It instantly changes her looks, transforms her mood and gives her energy.”


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