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POLAR has come up with the Polar Vantage V multisport watch which will integrate cutting-edge sports technology into a timepiece that is not only sleek but also durable. This is the most advanced multisport watch from the company to date. It boasts Polar Precision Prime, a proprietary wrist-based heart rate technology.

Sporting a unique sensor fusion technology and customised smart algorithm, wearers will be able to enjoy a new standard when it comes to wrist-based accuracy. Making use of nine optical channels that deploy a couple of colours and wavelengths of light to extract data from different layers in the skin, there are also new electrode sensors that measure sensor-skin contact to deliver superior response time.

Another unique selling point is the introduction of the world’s first running power from the wrist. Unifying several running metrics into one easy-to-understand number, it makes it a snap to check out the power you produce during a run at one glance. The Vantage V will also be able to detect the timing, amount and quality of sleep that you receive each night automatically. For folks who want a souped-up pedometer, the Vantage V fits the bill perfectly through its daily activity and continuous heart rate counter. If you are not up for running but prefer swimming, the Vantage V will be able to deliver accurate swim metrics be it indoor or outdoor swimming sessions while taking count of your stroke rate and distance. The US$499.90 Polar Vantage V will arrive in black, white, and orange.


THE Tribit XBoom Bluetooth speaker is capable of delivering more muscular sound for those who tend to spend plenty of time outdoors and do not want to go about their adventures silently. Capable of delivering 360-degree sound accompanied by XBass technology, the Tribit XBoom is a high-performing Bluetooth speaker regardless of where it is placed.

The delivery of high-quality, immersive all-round sound is made possible courtesy of its cylindrical form factor. A simple push of a button will set off the XBass Technology, as powerful dual bass radiators deliver additional depth and dimension. The Tribit XBoom Bluetooth speaker boasts 24 watts of power and is capable of pairing up with another XBoom speaker.Asingle charge delivers up to 20 hours of playtime, which should be more than adequate for a day outing. The Tribit XBoom is designed to withstand submersion in 0.9 metres of water for up to half an hour. It will connect to all Android or iOS devices through Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity. Priced at US$69.99 each.


I BELIEVE that for many of us who grew up in the 1980s and early 1990s, our very first exposure to an exoskeleton came in the form of Sergeant Ellen Ripley kicking an alien into outer space. Fast-forward to today and the idea of an exoskeleton is no longer confined to the realms of science fiction. Comau has just lifted the curtain on the MATE, touted to be the first innovative wearable exoskeleton from the company.

The MATE has been specially designed to improve work quality in an efficient and highly ergonomic manner as it offers consistent and advanced movement assistance, functioning equally well in repetitive tasks as well as daily chores.

The MATE Fit for Workers relies on an advanced spring-based passive structure without making the wearer feel cramped, relatively lightweight and breathable, delivering effective postural support without having to rely on batteries, motors or other mechanical devices that are prone to failure. Designed with factory workers in mind, the MATE exoskeleton enables them to perform similar tasks while experiencing a lower degree of fatigue. Among the benefits for factory workers when using the MATE exoskeleton is the reduction of shoulder muscle activity for some muscles by up to 50 per cent, and increases the quality and precision of repetitive tasks.


MANY of us use our smartphone cameras as our primary shooters these days. Lifeprint Products has launched the latest Instant Print Camera for the iPhone; this is a printer case that will be attached to an iPhone, transforming it into an instant printer no matter where you are.

With the Instant Print Camera, you get to enjoy the best of digital and analogue technology in a single device, in a slim form factor, keeping in line to the iPhone’s clean and sleek design. The Instant Print Camera is also case-compatible, providing double the protection. Sporting an ergonomically designed grip and shutter button, users can snap photos and capture videos without having to tap the iPhone screen, and there is no lag. This is one feature that adds a retro, analogue feel to a modern device. All photos are printed out without the need for any ink on a 2-inch x 3-inch paper with sticky backs. The US$149.99 (RM622) Instant Print Camera is compatible with the iPhone 7 or newer, giving owners with older iPhone models a very good excuse to upgrade their hardware.

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