Elyn Kuan Yie Ming (second from right) sharing her joy with her parents Kuan Choon Huei (left), Chang Soon Peng and Kuan Yie Ting at the MMU Convocation ceremony in Cyberjaya.

IN her acceptance speech at the recent Multimedia University (MMU) 18th Convocation ceremony, MMU President Award recipient Elyn Kuan Yie Ming urged fellow graduates to be grateful to their parents and families.

Kuan, 23, a Bachelor of Accounting (Honours) graduate, said parents have made it possible for the students to further their education and pursue their dreams.

Parents teach their children to develop strength and perseverance long before they enter university, by helping them to overcome obstacles and hardships at personal and academic levels, she added.

“After Sijil Peperiksaan Malaysia, I was unsure of whether to study locally or go overseas.

“I came from a humble family, some of the members suffer from severe illnesses. Feeling responsible for their care, I declined a scholarship because family should always come first.

“People asked the reason why I let go of a golden ticket. I tell them I make the best out of what I have. I strongly believe that it is not where we go that makes the difference but it is our actions which change lives.”

Born in Melaka, Kuan is the youngest in a family of four. She graduated from the accounting programme with a CGPA of 3.98, an outstanding achievement.

Crediting her family with giving her the strength to excel, she added that as there are no right or wrong decisions, it is important that one overcomes fear and makes a choice so that progress can be made.

If the decision yields poor results, make amendments and move on.

“My family’s support is important as no man is an island. They believe in me, that I can achieve anything that I aim for. My sister, Yie Ting, who is three years older, has taught me since my kindergarten years and shaped my foundation to achieve my goals today.

“My parents have always supported me financially, emotionally and mentally in braving challenges. Without my family, I will never be who I am today.”

Kuan was awarded the World Prize (the First Prize and Howitt Prize) of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW)

in April 2017 for the financial management paper.

“Always willing to challenge myself, I

prepared for the ICAEW papers in my third

year of degree studies under the TalentCorp initiative.

“With encouragement and support from my lecturer, Dr Ramaiyer Subramaniam, I attended weekend classes at SunwayTES to prepare for the professional papers.

“I sat the first paper, audit and assurance, in December 2015 and achieved the highest score in Malaysia.

“It was a challenge juggling my degree studies and preparing for the professional papers as well as commuting between Melaka and Kuala Lumpur.”

Keeping the importance of the professional qualification in mind, she always tried to maintain a positive mindset.

“I then attempted the second paper, financial management, in December 2016 in my final year. I set the goal to achieve the World Prize to make my family proud.

“Even though the goal was almost impossible to fulfil, I never gave up as I believe that

with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.”

After the four-year degree course, which included a half year of internship at PricewaterhouseCoopers Kuala Lumpur, she is working in the advisory services at the firm.

She plans to complete the professional papers and become an ICAEW chartered accountant.

“With work experience and the ICAEW qualification, I’ll work towards my goal to set up a charity organisation and engage in initiatives to improve social welfare,” she added.

Her involvement in activities as a student leader at university has not only improved her soft skills but also taught her to be a positive role model.

In 2015, she was involved in the Nepal Donation Drive to raise funds for the earthquake victims. Mercy Malaysia received RM6,000, which was raised in two days on campus.

Kuan looks up to Mother Teresa for her perseverance, dedication, kindness and efforts in helping those in need.

“I hope that students in Malaysia will dare to dream big and keep challenging themselves to move out from their comfort zones.”

Kuan was one of the 4,047 graduands in the disciplines of engineering, information technology, cinematic arts, creative multimedia, life sciences, management, accounting and law at the diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Of the total, 283 were international students, while the remaining were local graduates.


AGE: 23


MMU President Award

World Prize (the First Prize and Howitt Prize) of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales


Believe in yourself and never stop trying

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