53-year-old Stephen Langitan with his Kawasaki Versys X-250.

Most people’s idea of motorcycling around the world would involve a monstrous adventure bike with humongous panniers and top boxes.

On the other hand, 53-year-old Stephen Langitan has different ideas about what an adventure bike should be.

Speaking to CBT on a stopover in Kuala Lumpur recently, Langitan said he wanted to motivate the young people of Indonesia to go out and explore the unknown around the world on a motorcycle, and not necessarily on a big and expensive machine.

Langitan left Jakarta on March 15 on his 2018 Kawasaki Versys X-250 and plans to end his solo journey in London on August 17, which is Indonesia’s Independence Day.

He is expected to ride through 30 countries and cover some 30,000km.

From Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur, he’s clocked about 2,000km. He will ride to Penang before crossing the border to Thailand.

Langitan expects to reach Europe without crossing China, where he will reach Iran via India.

“My dream has always been to travel around the world,” he said, adding that he used to fly to destinations abroad, including in Europe, and ride on rented motorcycles there.

“One day, I figured, why not ride from my home country instead?”

When asked what inspired him, Langitan mentioned Anita Yusof, the Malaysian solo global rider.

Anita completed her solo world trip in September 2016, having covered over 65,000km and 40 countries in slightly over a year on a 150cc motorcycle, to become the first Muslim woman to have ridden a motorcycle around the globe.

“I often come to Malaysia to ride with fellow adventurers, many of whom have gone round the world riding. That motivated me to make my dream a reality.”

It took him about six months to prepare for the expedition. He did minimal modifications to his 2018 Kawasaki Versys X-250, including painting the bike red and white, the colours of the Indonesian flag.?

Langitan expects riding in the holy month of Ramadan to be one of the most challenging parts of his trip but looks forward to the experience.

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