The RM103,162 sales price of a newly launched 1.0L variant of the Perodua Bezza became the talk of town earlier this week, following its launch.

Has Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sdn Bhd (Perodua) completely lost the plot by placing such a steep price on its Bezza?

Not at all. This is actually the asking price in the Sri Lankan market, or specifically, 3.69 million Sri Lankan Rupees.

Official distributor Unimo Enterprises has been appointed by Perodua to sell the automaker’s car in Sri Lanka.

Perodua president and chief executive officer Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh was reported as saying that Sri Lanka is the biggest export market for Perodua, with 14,000 units of its cars being sold there between 1997 and May 2017.

He added that so far, Unimo Enterprises had already imported the Axia, recording 1,400 units sold. The Bezza was next in the pipeline.

“Perodua is still relatively small in Sri Lanka, but we see a lot of potential as the country’s economy expands.

“Starting this year, we are seriously looking at further expanding our current export markets and studying new ones as we work to realise our vision of becoming a regional player.

“Since we started our export programme, we have exported 75,000 vehicles. At the programme’s height, we exported to 21 different countries,” Aminar was reported as saying following the launch.

Perodua’s foray into the Sri Lankan market is good news for the automaker. After all, if it hopes to continue growing, exports will play a crucial role in sustaining the carmaker’s ambitions.

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