(File pix) Vehicles block traffic flow in the Sinsuran route, opposite the Fruits, Handicraft and Dried Seafood Market. Pix by Mohd Nazllie Zainul

Traders unloading their goods in Sinsuran and the Fruits, Handicraft and Dried Seafood Market, in Kota Kinabalu, have little regard for other motorists.

Many motorists traversing Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens claim such action caused massive congestion every day starting from 3.30pm when traders start arriving to set up business at the nightly Sinsuran market.

The market starts business at 4pm.

The Kota Kinbalu City Hall has placed markers along the stretch of road, to ensure better traffic flow, but the traders ignore such rules and continue to leave their vehicles by the roadside when unloading their merchandise.

Costumers also park by the roadside, blocking traffic, to buy items from the market stalls.

The Sinsuran market is popular with locals and tourists.

A stall trader, Siti Aisyah Nordin, 35, said it was not easy to find parking most of the time at that hour.

“I am sure my peers understand the traffic problem and would not intentionally inconvenience others but the problem is the lack of parking space.

“Special lots for traders should also be considered,” Aisyah said.

A regular patron to the night market, Jessica Ingup, 28, said of the irresponsible traders and customers:

“They can’t just do as they please at the expense of others. This is a public road.

“The authorities should also be more strict in enforcing the law.”


Kota Kinabalu City Hall enforcement director Abdul Mukti Muchlish said more frequent patrols would be conducted along the route, especially during peak hours.

“We do regular patrols from 6am until 7.30pm every day but there are errant traders who unload their goods when we are not around.”

Mukti said the problem used to be worse but with dividers installed and more enforcement personnel deployed, the situation had improved along the popular stretch.

“When traffic is not heavy, we allow traders to unload their goods quickly.

“But it’s up to the enforcement personnel’s discretion.

“But the public and the traders should also be more cooperative in resolving this problem,” he said.

Mukti appealed for better understanding among the traders, and the public to be more considerate of each other.

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