Zulkhairi Abas at the closed road leading to a tahfiz centre in Kampung Angga Bisa Hilir, Senaling, Kuala Pilah. PIC BY AMRAN YAHYA

A MAN’S wish to continue operating a religious (tahfiz) centre in Kampung Angga Bisa Hilir, Senaling, Kuala Pilah, Negri Sembilan, was thwarted after the road leading to the centre was closed by the landowners.

Zulkhairi Abas, 49, said the centre had been running since 2015 with 30 students aged between 7 and 13, but it had stopped operations due to the road closure last year.

 “It is difficult for parents to send their children to the centre as the main road is closed.

“Also, the number of students is declining because of this problem, forcing
me to close down the centre.”

“I discussed the issue with the landowners and also offered to pay monthly to reopen the road.”

However, he said, he could not afford the compensation requested by them.

 He said he had sent a letter to Kuala Pilah Land and District Office last year asking to resolve the issue, but had yet to receive a response.  

“I only want to help the children, besides opening a Quran reading class and providing a home for senior citizens and orphans for free.”


Kuala Pilah district officer Syahrul Nizam Saleh said the use of the road was at the discretion of the landowners.

 “Our department can help reserve the land for roads, but it needs to be done officially, which will involve a certain cost that needs to be borne by the state government.

 “Other roads can be used to reach the centre.”

He said the district office would try to mediate between the landowners and the tahfiz centre operator.

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