K.P.’s Facebook posting of his car being clamped at Central Park in Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya.

A VISITOR to Central Park, Bandar Utama, has questioned the powers of auxiliary policemen to clamp vehicles parked in a public road in Petaling Jaya.

The visitor, who wants to be known only as K.P., said he and a friend paid fines to unclamp their card on Feb 24.

He said he was surprised to learn that the clamping was carried out by the Bandar Utama auxiliary police and not the Petaling Jaya Municipal Council personnel.

“Being a law-abiding citizen, I am prepared to pay a penalty if the clamping is enforced by the local council, Road Transport Department or police.

“I was shocked that both cars were clamped by the Bandar Utama auxiliary police personnel.

“When I asked him (the auxiliary policeman) why they are clamping vehicles parked in public roads, his reply was: ‘My boss owns all the roads here’,” K.P. wrote on his Facebook page.

K.P. said he proceeded to the auxiliary police office in 1Utama Shopping Centre to pay the fine.

There, he enquired why auxiliary police were given the powers to clamp vehicles parked in a public road and where his penalty payment was channelled to.

Meanwhile, K.P.’s Facebook posting received mixed reactions from Netizens. While some users lashed out at him for parking illegally, others questioned the powers of the auxiliary police to clamp vehicles parked illegally and to issue summonses.


A 1 Utama Shopping Centre spokesman clarified that the road where KP parked his car, Jalan Dataran Bandar Utama, was under the jurisdiction of the developer, Bandar Utama City Corporation Sdn Bhd (BUCC).

He said the authority of the road had yet to be handed to the Petaling Jaya Municipal Council.

“The road has not been handed to the council as it has yet to be completed due to the construction of an elevated road to ease traffic congestion in the area.”

He said the clamping of vehicles and issuance of summonses to traffic offenders by auxiliary police were within the boundaries of the property as provided under the law.

“In this case, a motorist was found obstructing traffic within its jurisdiction.”

He said there were warning signs of “No Parking” and “Clamping or Towing Zone” placed along the road.

He said the two-lane road also needed to be maintained to prevent congestion as motorists who selfishly parked would reduce it to a single lane and worsen congestion.

Besides, he said, the road where the vehicle was parked was marked with a yellow line to show that no vehicles were allowed to be parked there.

The spokesman explained that since the road was under the jurisdiction of BUCC, collection of fines was channelled back to the company.

Agreeing that there was limited parking space at Central Park as it had been gazetted to keep most of the area as a “green lung”, he said visitors were advised to park at the open-air car park next to the park or in the mall.

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