Stray dogs in Taman Jaya Kami, Alor Star. PIC COURTESY OF READER

RESIDENTS of Taman Jaya Kami in Jalan Stadium, Alor Star, are worried about the presence of stray dogs in the area.

They claimed that the strays wandered in residential areas at night in search of food.

Ady Onn Pa, 44, said they were afraid as the dogs would turn aggressive when they could not find any food.

He claimed his 12-year-old son sustained injuries when he fell off his bike after being chased by a pack of dogs a few days ago.

“We urged the authorities to take action because this involves the safety of residents, especially children and the elderly.”


A Kedah Veterinary Department spokesman said regular operations to control the number of stray dogs would be jointly held with Alor Star City Council.

“We have conducted operations near the areas mentioned, but more stray dogs have come back.”

The spokesman said the department would continue to carry out operations to curb the number of strays.

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