The 3D zebra crossing in Jalan Tun Abdul Razak, Ipoh. PIC BY MUHAIZAN YAHYA

IPOH: Members of the public have complained about the three-dimensional (3D) zebra crossing in Jalan Tun Abdul Razak here. They said few pedestrians used the crossing, which was near the Medan Kidd bus station, because it was inconveniently located.

They said it was dangerous for pedestrians to use the crossing because motorists tended to speed, especially when the two traffic lights before the roundabout turned green.

A taxi driver who wished to be known only as Muthu said many motorists did not even realise that it was a zebra crossing because it looked like an ordinary crossing during the day.

“I think the council should install a traffic light instead as not many pedestrians use the zebra crossing. A traffic light will also benefit students who cross the road on their way to school.”

Muthu’s friend, Salim Abdullah, 58, also felt that traffic lights should be installed.

“Some motorists drive fast and appear not to care if there are people crossing the road,” he said, adding that the crossing’s 3D effect was only visible at night.

Ipoh City Council installed the 3D zebra crossing because of the large number of traffic accidents in the area.


An Ipoh City Council spokesman said the 3D zebra crossing was put in because it would be more noticeable to motorists.

“It was painted on Jan 30 on a trial basis. The crossing makes it easier for pedestrians to cross to and from the bus station and the railway station nearby,” he added.

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