A view of the food court in Taman Segar. Pic by NIK HARIFF HASSAN

KUALA LUMPUR: Tenants of a food court at the new RM34.89 million Taman Segar multi-level parking complex in Cheras have been told that they may lose their lots if they refuse to operate their stalls.

They said many tenants had stopped operating their businesses because they had suffered losses in the past three months due to the lack of customers .

They also claimed that City Hall and the management of the complex had not done enough to promote the food court.

Asnah Mahmud, 68, who was one the first few tenants to open their stalls in November last year said there were only 20 to 30 customers daily

“I have been operating a stall since the 1980s so I understand that it takes time to attract customers and grow our business.

“However, I believe that City Hall and the management should also make an effort to promote this food court, as it is a City Hall project. We hope the authorities will at least put up a banner outside the building or around the area to inform the public of our existence.”

Bahrin Rahim, 53, said they might not be able to pay the monthly maintenance fee of RM350 or RM400 (depending of the size of the stall) if business did not improve.

“It is costly to run a business these days. Apart from having to pay for the business licence and maintenance fee, we also need to pay the electricity and water bills. We also need to hire workers,” he said.

“The lack of customers means that we are forced to throw away a large amount of food daily. You do the maths.”

Bahrin said some tenants had stopped operating their stalls. There were 14 lots at the food court, he said, but only four to eight stalls had been open since November last year.

The tenants said City Hall officers, who checked on them more than a week ago, had warned that those who did not operate their stalls faced the possibility of losing their lots.

It is understood that there is a waiting list of people who want to apply for a lot at the food court.


City Hall said the management of the complex’s parking and hall facilities had been out sourced to a private company.

A senior sales representative of the company they had yet to signed an agreement but the launch would take place on Sunday.

“Once we take over the management of the hall facility, we will put up banners and advertisements to promote the place, including the food court,” she said.

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