The ‘Seksyen 10’ sign at the junction of Jalan Sampin in Shah Alam is blocked by bushes.

OVERGROWN shrubs are covering the “Seksyen 10” sign at Jalan Sampin junction in Shah Alam.

Motorist Kamarruddin Hassan said it was difficult for road users to spot the signboard whenever they entered the junction.

“I have made a report to the local authority, and was told to report the matter to the engineering department. To me, this is not customer friendly.

“The local authority should clear the shrubs immediately so that road users can spot the sign easily,” he said.


A Shah Alam Municipal Council spokesman said a team from the Landscape Department had since cleared the bushes at the area.

“Trimming work was done by our team. We will make sure landscapes in Shah Alam will be constantly maintained.

“We also want the city to look vibrant and clean at all times,” he said.

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