Thousands of ringgit have been spent by resident by residents in Kampung Batu 10 Cheras because of the floods

THOUSANDS of ringgit is spent every time Kampung Batu 10 Cheras is deluged by flash floods.

And, said resident Napiah Haron, the residents were fed up with having to go through a flood every time there is a downpour.

“All our belongings would be swept away by the flood. It is very costly for us to repair the damages and costs us even more if we were to buy new house appliances.

“The recent flooding was especially bad for my household because no one was there to salvage the stuff. We have been complaining to the local authorities and state assemblyman but nothing has been done. The first case was in 2006 and 10 years later, our homes still get flooded,” he said.

Napiah said last year, the village was inundated eight times.

“It’s easy for people to suggest that we move away from here or even to add another storey to our houses. What they forget is, to do all that you need money and with the current cost of living, it is just impossible.

“You know, everything around us is being developed and we are the ones affected by all this development. The construction sites nearby must have clogged the drains,” he said.

He urged local authorities do something to resolve the residents’ issue.


The Kajang Municipal Council said the problem would be solved once it had identified the source of the problem.

Its spokesman told Actionline that the council needed to investigate the problem thoroughly before deciding the next course of action.

“We need to consult various departments to ensure where the problem lies, given the development projects in the area.

“Preventive measures will be taken once investigations are completed,” he said.

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